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M.L. Bushman

Jun_27_001 copy--683 x 1024 M.L.Bushman has been writing prose and poetry since the age of eight. In fact, she penned her first novel to the rave reviews of her eighth-grade class until the family dog submitted his opinion by lifting his leg and subsequently sent that unfinished manuscript to the trash. Ms. Bushman next turned to music, and for over twenty-five years pursued a singer/songwriter’s dream until a car accident put her on a six-year soul-searching return to writing in general, fiction in particular.


Primarily a novelist, her body of published work to date includes short stories, nonfiction, and poetry. Her debut novel entitled Miracle the novel, was Jigsaw Press’s debut as well. The Implausible Hero, her second offering through Jigsaw Press, is available here and elsewhere in eBook and hardcover form as is Third Warp. Latest is a series of Two-Bit Westerns starting with Gun Hand. She is also a former reporter for a local weekly newspaper.Nov_13_001


When she’s not working on stories and books, M.L. Bushman is raising her daughter and/or helping the neighbors out with their ranch. Ms. Bushman, her daughter, Chewy the horse and the Silly Cat make their home right outside of Sun River, Montana.


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Kris Karrel

I grew up in Seattle with the rest of my multiple personalities.  All of us left the rain for the sunny beaches of California long before Bill Gates founded Microsoft, only to discover to our disappointment that most Californians might be even more schizo than we are.  After all that rain in Seattle, and California being a wash, we naturally migrated to southern Florida, which to our way of thinking, might be the East Coast retirement version of California, just a little less schizo.  Maybe.


Twelve years in Florida was enough for us.  After a long stint in the Texas Panhandle taught us the true meaning of wind, we high-tailed it north and west, glad to be back where mountains are typically more than six hundred feet above sea level.  We hate to inform our Florida and Texas panhandle brethren, but a highway overpass is not technically a hill.  No, really.  Do some research.  You’re the only people in the world who think so.  Even Californians know better, having the Sierras in their backyard.


I came to writing early on, sidetracked when the world beckoned.  I dropped out of high school in my junior year, but like a friend of mine insists (or could be another personality, I’m not sure at this point), I earned a BS Degree from the School of Hard Knocks.


Montana is the perfect hide out,  if you like the seasons and the wildlife, the solitude.  What more could a writer ask for?  Just don’t tell anyone.  We like being the only state in the Union to have more cows than people.  That’s a fact, according to the Farm Bureau at any rate.  You can’t make this stuff up.



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